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Cyberfilters offer a great environment through all organization platforms and infrastructure that will assure availability and reliability improving asset utilization of IT infrastructure.

Benefit from Cyberfilters colocation facilities

  • DDoS protection to counter high-volume and attacks
  • Power supply at 110 kV level from two substations with two feeds
  • High efficient chiller systems with free-cooling integrated
  • Video surveillance systems for the external perimeter and areas
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center and Operation Control Center
More Benefits

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Colocation Features

Most colocation centers maintain high levels of physical security, including on-site security guards, 24x7x365 surveillance and biometric authorization


Colocation offers space in the provider’s data center for your IT hardware. These facilities are typically audited for reliability and include racks, cabinets and cable trays for your equipment.


Colocation data centers typically have backup generators with varying levels of redundancy and/or battery backup systems or uninterruptible power supplies, depending on the facility.


Colocation services provide cooling systems to protect your hardware, typically including redundant HVAC systems and chiller configurations (e.g., centrifugal chillers and cooling towers).

CO-Location Racks

Compartmentalised co-location racks are ideal for combining multiple end customers in one rack while keeping them safely separated. We offer a choice between a twice and four times compartmentalised rack. For the latter, each compartment has a height of 10 HE. The twice compartmentalised rack has a compartment height of 20 HE. The compartments are fully separated by a fixed plateau and all have separate and protected data and power cable trays.
CO-Location Racks

Server & Network Racks

Server & Network Racks

The server and network racks are widely applicable and modular in structure. What type of rack is most suitable depends highly on its application. The server and network racks can be configured in varying heights, widths and depths. Integration racks are ideal for prefabrication of the IT-equipment. The system allows IT equipment to be built-in, cabled and tested prior to transport to the customer location. Using the integration rack reduces on-site installation time significantly.

What's Included?

Advanced DDos Protection Platform
  • DDoS attacks come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to protect your co-located IT infrastructure against truly all types of DDoS attacks, you’ll need to act smartly.

On-demand network interconnections and cloud on-ramps
  • The ability to make flexible interconnections inside a data center and across facilities is key when aiming to successfully outsource your IT infrastructure to a colocation environment. It helps optimize your operational efficiencies, also with regard to hybrid IT deployments. In addition, it can help maximize connectivity performance by pursuing the lowest end-to-end latencies while at the same time cutting network costs.

24/7 and 365 technical engineers on-site to support you
  • Submit a hosting support request and you’ll quickly receive a personal response from one of Cyberfilters certified and experienced technical engineers. With an average response time of approximately 7 minutes, the Cyberfilters engineers are keen to solve any technical issues relating to your colocation infrastructure and to meet your immediate technical needs.

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